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Dec 7, 2012 9:00am EST
stocks. >> look out samsung may eventually lose some apple business. >> jpmorgan neutral on marathon. >> i think that's a mistake. i think this marathon is worth a great deal of money. >> and jpmorgan upgrades aetna. >> people were supposed to hate them ahead of obama care. stocks doing well. what's coming up? >> i want to do disruptive companies and i watch "squawk." this company is one that has a stove you can put in a couple sticks of wood and starts and generates electricity. you can then charge your ipad, your iphone, you no longer have to be hostage to the grid and they did it -- it caught my eye during hurricane sandy. brooklyn company. the fire department use them. everyone is using them. >> you are doing more private companies with disruptive technology. >> i think that the exciting part of america is we have the world's greatest technology. i want to point it out. many companies are private. >> santelli has -- >> you have to be kidding. rick santelli here. welcome. my goodness. 74 74.5. i had to double-check that one many times. we're coming off numbers at 82.7 for number.
Dec 5, 2012 9:00am EST
and we may delay the fight. president obama addresses the business roundtable and that could be critical. david has an exclusive interview with ken moelis. back to you guys. >> let's get six in 60. six stocks in 60 seconds. >> yesterday's news overshadowed by many things. a fantastic quarter. we knew it would be household formation buying on weakness. >> 17 straight. number of quarters where they beat it. this was a major miss. >> rbc does not like clf. this is again china. i don't like it either but china is coming back. >> naz 100 taking on facebook. >> money is an index to the naz 100. people paid for this in premarket. it was a mistake. >> citi thinks limited can do a special div. >> limited has a lot of cash. gap said no yesterday. hurt the stock. >> goldman starts utx neutral. great company. a slap in the face, carl. boom. slap in the face. >> you got that right. what's on "mad" tonight? >> i have been featuring these investment -- look, the etf. i've been feeling they know america. i have to know how bad america is. they do the southeast. great company. >> we've not talke
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2